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Gave this game a shot, I really like the atmosphere of it!  Unfortunately, I was unable to make any tangible progress due to repeatedly getting stuck in trees and other objects with no way to escape.  If you can fix the bugs though, this has potential :)

Thank you for playing and the feedback, I really appreciate it :-)! 
I'm working through the collision issues right now, as well as an autosave system when you perform actions mostly because I intended for this to be a short game, and it ended up being a bit longer to play through. I'm working on a separate collision system because the inbuilt one has ended up being a bit jank, as you may have noticed (!). It should be out by the end of next week as 1.3 :-)

I'll keep an eye out :)

Hey! I've just uploaded a latest version. Hopefully, it works better. A save system is still inbound (life gets in the way!)
If you encounter any other issues please grab screenshots because, as far as I can tell, I've fixed the worst of the collision issues and you no longer get "stuck".